Monday, January 9, 2012

The Main dish

Nathan posing with the main course.
This past Saturday, we hosted our first "company" dinner. Our family unanimously decided to serve our favorite kind of dinner, tacos. It's easy to make everyone happy. Everybody can "doctor" up their meal and walk away happy. Plus it's so festive to have condiment bowls full of salsas, guacamole, pickled peppers and black beans.

I found the recipe, "Homesick Texan's Carnitas" from Smitten Kitchen's website a few months back. We have made this recipe at least four times in the past six weeks, including Christmas dinner. It's that good and THAT easy.  Plus, I was happy to learn that the homesick Texan was for real and has a beautiful blog and cookbook. Bonus.

The added citrus to the meat makes for a flavorful experience and lovely smelling kitchen!

Getting reading for the nearly 3 hour cooking process.    

Watch for tomorrow's post. My daughter Ellie will share her FANTASTIC tomatillo salsa recipe.

The end. The pork is easily shredded and has a nice crispy texture to add to your taco.


  1. been wanting to try this carnitas recipe, but i love my other one so much, i think i'd feel like i was cheating. ;)

  2. erin- I hear what you're saying! We have a favorite chicken recipe, but I haven't made it for awhile...i feel bad! :) You check out the cookbook, so good!